Sheet mulching demonstrationWe offer a wide variety of hands-on, experiential classes to help people create beautiful landscapes that save time, energy and money while improving the health of our local environment.


Classes are customized to meet your budget and needs. Popular classes include...

  • Edible landscape design and plant selection
  • Permaculture and ecological design
  • Vegetable and herb establishment and management
  • Square foot gardening
  • Low-maintenance landscape design
  • Seed starting
  • Creating a new garden bed
  • Designing a children's natural playscape
  • Composting and compost tea
  • Starting and managing a worm compost bin (vermicomposting)
  • Establishing native prairie plants
  • Creating wildlife habitat
  • Rain garden design and implementation
  • Growing and using medicinal plants
  • Creating a children's fairy garden
  • Horticultural therapy to improve mind, body and spirit
  • Designing and establishing a healing garden

Handouts and Publicity

Included with the class are promotional text, posters and relevant educational handouts for all participants.


Classes typically last 1-2 hours and can be conducted indoors or outside depending upon the curriculum and time of year.

Next Steps

Contact us to schedule a date for a class that is customized to meet your budget and goals.