Large or small, your donations help create a resilient and beautiful community.

You can donate in several ways:

Your Money at Work

Backyard Abundance is a leading educational nonprofit that helps people create beautiful, environmentally-beneficial landscapes that provide healthy food and habitat. Since 2006, we have directly reached thousands of people through dozens of experiential classes, presentations, yard tours, and landscape consultations.

Donations help provide free environmental education events in our community. Money is also used in our scholarship fund for class fees and materials.

Your donation will help us carry out these and other important services:

  • Offering more classes
  • Providing free online presentations
  • Helping individuals increase personal outreach through a yard sign program
  • Increasing ecological knowledge through public landscape signs
  • Creating ecological resource centers in neighborhoods

Unique Approach

No other organization in Iowa teaches residents how to take small steps that transform the outdoors into spaces that demonstrate our ability to live in harmony with nature. Deep and lasting satisfaction comes from the daily observation of personally-made environmental improvements. This personal connection with their landscape evokes a strong desire to share actions and knowledge, quickly spreading our mission in a positive, grassroots way.

Critical Time and Message

Solving our growing environmental crises means greatly increasing our environmental footprint in beneficial ways, creating surpluses of food, medicine, habitat, and clean water while sequestering atmospheric carbon.

As a participant in this movement, you know that being told to endlessly shrink our footprint paradoxically leads to more damage: this instruction implies that we are separate from nature—that we do not belong here—which causes apathy and hopelessness. Our inclusive message is about contribution and connectedness, not sacrifice and individualism.


Backyard Abundance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so all donations are fully tax-deductible. We will send a confirmation letter that can be used for your records.

Learn more about charitable contributions

Endowment Fund: Greater Tax Benefits

Contribute to the Backyard Abundance endowment fund and you will be eligible to receive a 25% Iowa tax credit and can take advantage of federal tax deductions.

Once fully established, this fund will be used for our operational expenses allowing us to give constant focus to educational programs. Your donation to the endowment supports the long term health of Backyard Abundance while keeping money circulating in Iowa.

The fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Johnson County. Make your donation by visiting their website and entering "Backyard Abundance" on their Give to the Endowment page.

Learn more about the Endow Iowa Tax Credit

Recipient Gift Card

Give the gift of abundance by making a donation in another person's name. Use the donation gift card to tell the recipient that you have made a donation.

Donation Gift Card (pdf)

Consignment Donation

Stuff Etc.Money made from selling your used items at Stuff Etc. can be donated to Backyard Abundance. When dropping off items at Iowa City or Coralville stores, simply ask for your money to go to Backyard Abundance.


  • Receive a tax donation receipt for 50% of the value donated.
  • You do not need an appointment to drop off items when donating to Backyard Abundance.

Amazon Smile

Amazon SmileShop at Amazon Smile and .5% of the price of your purchase will be donated to Backyard Abundance.

It could not be easier: Before shopping, simply go to Amazon Smile instead of the usual website. All items are available and you can use your existing Amazon account.

Shop at Amazon Smile


iGiveShop through the iGive service and a portion of your purchase will be donated to Backyard Abundance.

Amazon Smile, Barnes and Nobel, Staples are included in the 1600+ familiar stores that are part of iGive.

Before shopping, simply sign up at iGive and make Backyard Abundance your "cause." At the iGive site, select your desired store and everything you shop for at the store will contribute toward your donation.

It only takes 2-3 minutes to make your online shopping more rewarding.

Sign up at iGive

We offer convenient ways to accept financial donations.


Secure online donations from your bank account or credit card.
Donate through PayPal

Endowment Donation

Enter "Backyard Abundance" when donating your gift to the foundation.
Go to Community Foundation of Johnson County

Monthly Donation

Convenient monthly debits from your bank account.
Bank Account Debit Form (pdf)


Send a check or cash.
Donation Form (pdf)