Skill Share

Skill ShareWe are surrounded by an abundance of creativity, knowledge, time, and resources, but our current culture confuses and coops us with stories of individualism, scarcity, and fear.

Let’s build a positive future together with new stories that:

  • Emphasize sharing knowledge and materials
  • Help us explore and express our deeply held beliefs
  • Encourage us to find our community niche and grow to reach our full potential

Lasting and personal change happens when we observe others, see what works, and try it ourselves. Experiences and passions are sought, not expertise. This is Skill Sharing.

Contact us if you would like to host a gardening or landscaping educational experience and we will help promote the event.

Organization and Coordination

You will be responsible for organizing and leading the event, but we will provide tips and ideas for success. In general, be sure adequate space is available, work roles are identified, and tools and materials are ready.

Please see our Educational Implementation service if you prefer that Backyard Abundance assist with organizing and coordinating the event.

Timeframe and Venue

Skill Shares are typically 1-3 hours. Venues can be anywhere, but outside for hands-on learning is best.


Skill Shares are always free to Backyard Abundance members and are usually free to non-members. A small fee ($5 - $15) may charged to non-members to help pay for materials, speaker fees, or venue rental.


Upcoming Skill Share Events