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Edible Plant Sale Fundraiser

Saturday, April 30, 2016
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center | directions

Get a jump on your spring plant shopping at the Backyard Abundance plant sale fundraiser.

  • Only Iowa City sale that focuses on edibles.
  • Experts carefully researched each plant variety.
  • Herbs and vegetables grown without pesticides.
  • Grown as locally as possible.
  • Purchases help fund free yard tours, presentations and classes.

Note: We are not taking orders this year. Please attend early to ensure you get the plants you want.

Plant sale plants

Membership Discount and Early Entry

Members of Backyard Abundance receive a 10% discount on all purchases and can enter the sale at 8:30 am to get first pick of plants. Learn more about membership

Wide Variety of Plants

Plants are grown as locally as possible and are carefully chosen for bountiful yields and flavor.

Below is a sample of plants that will be available.

Vegetables Herbs Flowers Shrubs
Asparagus Basil Anise Hyssop Blueberry Pawpaw
Broccoli Broadleaf Sage Bee Balm Currant Hardy Apricot
Cabbage Chamomile Butterfly Weed Gooseberry Iowa Peach
Jerusalem Artichoke Comfrey Calendula Jostaberry Chestnut
Kale Dill Little Bluestem Elderberry  
Leek French Sorrel Nasturtium Goji berry  
Lettuce Lavender Purple Coneflower Aronia berry  
Onion Mint Snapdragon Cranberry  
Pak Choi Oregano Sweet Alyssum Nanking cherry  
Pepper Parsley White Sage Hazelnut  
Rhubarb Self-Heal Yarrow Grape  
Tomato, Beefsteak Thyme Zinnia Thornless Blackberry  
Tomato, Cherry Valerian   Raspberry  
Tomato, Paste Strawberry      


Edible Landscaping Plans

Sample Edible Landscaping Layouts

Get ideas for your garden using these design examples that show patches of self-supporting edibles.

Expert Advice

Got gardening questions? Green thumbs will be there to help you:

  • Select plants
  • Understand how to establish your plants
  • Provide advice on watering, care, and harvest

Master Gardeners will be available with gardening handouts and wisdom.

Plant sale choices

Growers and Vendors

Local growers and vendors will be on-hand so you can ask questions about their wonderful plants and merchandise.

  • Driftless Gardens: High-quality fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Echollective CSA: Sign up for a CSA share while perusing their herbs and veggies.
  • Iowa Blooms: Vegetables and herbs grown at the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center.
  • Gaia's Peace Garden: Plants, seeds and herbs infused with hope and love.
  • Moon in June Herbs: Herbal products and advice.
  • Green Share LLC: Heirloom and organic vegetables, herbs and flowers.
  • Mushroom Mills: Mushroom kits, logs, and fresh, edible mushrooms.
  • Red Fern Farm: Fruit trees and berry bushes grown on an agroforestry farm.
  • Silent E Farm: Berry bushes and herbs grown on a regenerative farm.
  • The Millet Seed: Vegetables and herbs grown in an urban garden.
  • Willow Basketry and Garden Art: Hand-crafted willow towers, baskets and other crafts.
  • Tango Art Studios: Kristin Wieland will create art for you on-site.

Pick Me Sign

Free Tomato Seedlings for Front Yard Planting

Free tomato plants will be provided to anyone willing to establish them in a location where the produce can be freely picked by passersby.

"Pick Me!" signs will also be available so you can label your abundance.

Thanks to the following wonderful people who are donating tomato seedlings to the project: Iowa City Parks and Recreation, Mary Kirkpatrick, Shannon Gassman.

Please tell us if you would like to grow and donate tomato seedlings to this cause.

Book: The Permaculture City

Reserve and Pay for Items Online

A limited number of items are available for purchase online. We will hold these for you at the sale (you must them up there; we cannot ship them).

  • The Permaculture City Book: Bring sustainability to your yard and neighborhood.
  • Permaculture Playing Cards: A great gift for the sustainable gardener in your life.
  • Pesticide-Free Yard Signs: Make a statement!

Shop for these items online

Bring Spare Seeds

Please bring your extra seeds for a seed swap. A table will be available where you can drop off your abundance of seeds and choose from ones others have left.

Label each packet with the plant's common name, variety and approximate date of seed harvest.

Recreation Center Empty Edible ClassroomOutdoor Edible Classroom Design and Tour

The master plan for the new Outdoor Edible Classroom will be presented at the sale. Handouts of the design will provide you with ideas for your own edible landscape.

The classroom is on the south side of the recreation center and it will be open for viewing during the sale. It will be established on May 14 during a community event.

Auctioning a Compost Tumbler

A silent auction will raise funds for the Outdoor Edible Classroom.

Included in the auction will be a slightly-used-but-in-excellent-condition compost tumbler, several new books and pesticide-free landscape signs.

Yummy Refreshments

Homemade goodness will satisfy your morning sweet tooth while shopping. Yum.

Regenerative Landscapes

This event helps people learn how to create low-maintenance landscapes that contribute to our quality of life while enhancing our local ecosystems.

Learn about other regenerative landscape events.

Thank You

Special thanks to...

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